GYFted stands for Greening Youth Foundation Trained Educated and Developed. The GYFted program is an intensive training program that has two tracts. The standard tract prepares youth for our 1-year Urban Youth Corps experience, while the GYFted Tree Care tract prepares youth to enter directly into the tree care industry.

The tree care industry is a very high demand, well-paying and rewarding field. However, it is not for everyone. One must be willing to work hard, get dirty, endure inclement weather, be punctual and work as a team. It also requires one to be in good physical shape and in good health. The GYFted Tree Care program is designed to ensure that youth are ready for this. Throughout the 8-week training, youth will learn the technical aspects of tree care, such as chainsaw operation, chipper operation, ground operation, etc., as well as soft skills such as professional development, financial literacy, health and nutrition, and character development. Throughout this process, youth are put on a regimen to ensure that they are in good physical health, which includes daily physical exercises as well as a healthy meal plan.

Program Schedule and Timeline

The training program is eight weeks in length and is broken up as follows:

  • Week 1: Character and Professional Development
  • Week 2: Tree Care Academy Module 1 – Tree Care Apprentice
  • Week 3: Tree Care Academy Module 2 – Chain Saw Specialist
  • Week 4: Tree Care Academy Module 3 – Chipper Operator Specialist
  • Week 5: Tree Care Academy Module 4 – Ground Operations Specialist
  • Week 6: Cultural & Societal Awareness, Workplace Readiness, Financial Literacy, Review all material covered.
  • Week 7: Workplace Readiness
  • Week 8: Transition Support
  • Career Fair with Tree Care Companies


The schedule is Monday through Friday 7:00am-3:00pm


Policies and Expectations

The following policies will be strictly enforced throughout the program:

  • No Absences (except with written excuse or proof of emergency situation)
  • No lateness (except with written excuse or proof of emergency situation)
  • No Illegal Drugs (drug tests will be administered at the beginning of GYFted as well somewhere in the middle)
  • Must comply with dress code every day:
    Work Boots
    Cargo pants
    Pants on waste (not sagging)
    Shirt tucked in
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